Why Life’s Pure Balance?

Life’s Pure Balance is committed to the health and safety of everyone who comes in contact with either the products or what’s just been cleaned. Our scientifically developed cleaning products are all-natural, powerful, safe, and effective. A key difference in these products can be found on the surfaces that are cleaned. You see, there is as close to “zero residue” left behind by the cleaning solutions as is humanly possible.

Our Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a citric acid based proprietary formulation designed to quickly remove dirt, pesticides and paraffin from your fruits and vegetables. You simply wash and rinse leaving your produce with the full delectable flavors Mother Nature intended.

Our remaining 3 products are cleaners and degreasers deigned to clean your kitchen, fruits and vegetables, kitchen utensils and/or food prep areas. They provide a cleaning experience second to none, while protecting the health of your employees and loved ones.

We stand behind our Earth’s Natural Pro-Line Commercial Cleaning products with a money back guarantee.