The Straight Dope on Flea and Tick Treatments

Paco Approves of Natural Flea and Tick Treatments

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When it comes to flea and tick prevention for your pet, your options seem endless. You can find treatments at the vet, pet supply store, Target, the grocery store, and virtually any other store selling pet supplies.

But just because flea and tick treatments are readily available does not mean they’re safe for your pet—or for you. Flea and tick treatments are evaluated by the EPA, not the FDA, and have only been tested for safety since 1996. Treatments do not need to undergo field tests to be sold in the United States.

What’s in Flea and Tick Prevention Treatments?

Flea and tick treatments are insecticides that kill fleas and ticks. Each name-brand treatment has a different active ingredient. Some spot-on treatments, which are applied along the spine of your pet, contain pyrethroids. They are responsible for more than half of all major reactions to pesticides in pets and cannot be used on cats. These reactions may result in seizures, heart attacks, and brain damage.

Other spot-on treatments contain fipronil, a synthetic chemical that causes paralysis in fleas and ticks, or selamectin, which blocks the nerve signals of fleas and ticks. Imidacloprid is not effective against ticks, but is found in some treatments for fleas.

Tips for Applying Flea and Tick Treatments

Though generally thought to be safe when used as directed, these powerful chemicals can be harmful to you and your pets if misapplied. Read all of the instructions in the treatments and strictly follow them. Never use a dog treatment on a cat, or a cat treatment on a dog. Certain chemicals that are safe for dogs may be harmful to cats, and vice versa.

Know your pet’s weight and choose a product that is suitable for him or her. Don’t split the dose for a large dog in half for two small dogs. Never use the treatments on pregnant or elderly animals.

After applying the treatment, watch your pet for signs of poisoning, including dilated pupils, vomiting, tremors, salivating, shivering, hiding, and skin irritation.

Consider Natural Flea and Tick Treatments

Of course, the easiest way to avoid harm from these products is to purchase all-natural treatments instead. Linalool and d-limonene are derived from citrus fruits and can disrupt the nervous systems of insects. Shampoos containing d-limonene, oatmeal, and essential oils like peppermint, cedar, and cloves gently and effectively wash away fleas and ticks. They also leave your pet smelling and feeling clean and fresh.

Read up on flea and tick treatments before you apply one to your pet. For more information on safe and effective flea and tick treatments, contact me today!

Here’s to breathing easy and living life to the fullest!

Gene Wood, Life’s Pure Balance

Get Organized This Summer and Tackle Your Commercial To-Do List

commercial to-do listAs a small business owner, your to-do list may seem endless. Not only do you provide services or sell products, you also manage your staff and maintain your building. It’s not surprising that your to-do list may take you into the next month…or even the next year!

Taking charge of your to-do list can help you get down to business and feel like you’re making progress. Here are some tips on how to get organized this summer to tackle your commercial to-do list, whether it’s rehabbing the interior of your office or finally getting around to some exterior projects.

Narrow It Down

It’s likely that it is not feasible to tackle everything on your current to-do list at this point in time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take out another slip of paper and create a new list that focuses on projects that are of immediate importance. Do you dream of redesigning your entire entryway but your existing walkways are crumbling right now? Deal with the immediate need first and fix the walkways.

To decide on the types of projects that go on this new list of immediate needs, ask yourself five questions:

  1. Is the project important?
  2. Does the project need to be completed as soon as possible?
  3. What will I need to complete the project?
  4. Who will I need to delegate to or ask to assist me?
  5. Does completing this project lead to another project or other next steps?

Follow a Process

Most productive people follow a process or routine to keep them on track. What’s your process for tackling your to-do list? Now that you have a new list, take a look at your calendar. Block out time for the projects on your list. Ask the appropriate people to assist you or delegate the tasks appropriately.

Once you’re organized, it’s time for action. Follow through with your plan and tick off projects as you complete them to see the progress you’re making. Ask staff to report back to you on the progress of their to-do list tasks.

By following a system, your to-do list will shrink until there are no projects left. At that point, it’s time to start all over again with another set of important tasks.

Identifying what to-do list items are important and creating and sticking to a plan is important for reducing stress at the workplace. For more project tips or to knock out some of your projects with green cleaning products, contact me today!

Here’s to breathing easy and living life to the fullest!

Gene Wood, Life’s Pure Balance