A Fresh Approach to Living an Organic Lifestyle

Gene WoodIn case you’ve been wondering, I didn’t mean to take a sabbatical from writing my blog at Life’s Pure Balance . . . but considering the fact that I’ve not posted since February, I guess I did it anyway. Of course, sometimes a sabbatical is necessary for rejuvenation, especially when it’s time to clarify direction, and that’s just what I’ve been doing. During the blogging break, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting an intern who has been working by my side and helping me to consider a new perspective.

Since you heard from me last, I’ve been working on a fresh approach, not only for the blog, but for my business in general. So . . . prepare yourself! Life’s Pure Balance is about to begin showing a new side. You’ll continue hearing from me about natural household cleaning products like botanical disinfectant, improving your health through organic living, and child-safe, pet-safe cleaning products.

You’ll also be reading more about carcinogens in cleaning products and the negative effects of hazardous cleaning products, organic housecleaning products and techniques, and making your own cleaning products.

With the changes, I’d appreciate your input. Maybe you’ve experienced an allergic-like reaction to household chemicals, or perhaps you just want to know the best way to wash fresh fruits and vegetables. Do you have concerns about your child’s or pet’s safety when it comes to household cleaners? Please contact me to request a specific blog topic. Paco and I will get right on it.

— Gene Wood, Life’s Pure Balance