5 Golden Rules to Winter Health

As winter moves to spring we frequently see dramatic shifts in temperature and wind, and we haven’t been sick yet .. we begin to think we beat the odds of getting the flu. Stay healthy by following these 5 golden rules.

My research finds 4 things the doctors do to stay well during the winter season…. and 1 activity a 1st grade teacher has done to keep her kids healthy. I believe that if it is good for the doctors, teachers and 1st grade students it would seem rational that it would be good for us.



Get out more

What! I thought if I hibernated all winter I would avoid catching all of those bad bugs from all of those sick people. It seems as though a lot of people slack on outdoor exercise when the temperature drops. Healthy doctors make appropriate modifications to their routine; they don’t get up so early that they are cutting into sleep, which is totally counterproductive. Sleep is important to the immune system. So mark down appropriate outdoor exercise and fresh air as a must activity. The best example I can think of is take your dog for a walk then you and your buddy will be healthier and happy.

Don’t skimp on sleep

Sleep deprivation can significantly weaken immune system function, and that can make you more susceptible to infections. Going to bed at a reasonable hour ensures that you’ll go through cold and flu season with your immune system in top form. And if your dog likes to snuggle like mine, they will be very happy as well.

Clean up your act

Wash your hands; wash your hands, wash your hands … need to know anything else….! There is more, disinfect all work areas regularly and while there is controversy… doctors say get your flu shot.

Keep your hands to yourself

This is a tough one for those of us who are avid networkers … but it must be said … during cold & flu season try to shake as few hands as possible… what to do  … my grandchildren have taught me the fist bump … it works just as good, leaving everyone feeling just a bit healthier …

Use natural products

A 1st grade teacher cleaned, disinfected and deodorized her classroom with natural products. When her kids came in from their outside activities they washed their hands with a natural soap, one that cleans & moisturizes their hands. Most importantly she has now done this at 3 different schools over a 3 year period.  Natural based products, when integrated into our daily routines can improve your health.

Articles specific to these activities are http://www.lifespurebalance.com/1st-grade-classroom-goes-green/ and  http://www.lifespurebalance.com/1st-graders-healthier-by-using-natural-cleaning-products/.

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