1st graders healthier by using natural cleaning products

East Central Wisconsin

For 2 ½ months a substitute teacher took it upon herself to disinfect her classroom with a natural based, non toxic disinfectant, while influencing other1st grade teachers to do the same. The result, kids stopped becoming sick and classroom attendance underwent a dramatic improvement.

How in the world did this happen … Mrs. C., as previously reported in this blog (1st-grade-classroom-goes-green May, 2012) had previously experienced health improvements by cleaning her classroom with natural products. So as she moved into the role of substitute teacher, this was a natural thing to do.

In the spring of 2011 Mrs. C. retired from teaching, By the winter of 2012 she had accepted a substitute teaching position in her local community school system. After her very first week she realized she had major attendance issues in her classroom. Some days she had up to 8 students absent due to colds and flu.

Drawing on her previous experience she brought in Sol U Guard Botanical, the same natural based disinfectant she had used before. She immediately sprayed all of the surfaces in her classroom that the kids touched. Within 2 weeks her attendance started to improve.  Throwing caution to the wind she took bottles of the natural based disinfectant to each of the other 1st grade teachers and asked them to follow the same process she was using. She told me that she could tell things were happening because she could hear the squirting of the spray bottles as each classroom day ended.

The results after 2 ½ months … in the middle of February she had as many as 8 kids a day absent. By the end of April the entire 1st grade was experiencing their highest rate of attendance ever achieved, less than 1 student per week. While acknowledging that there are many factors that could be contributing to this improvement, it is the consensus of all of the 1st grade teachers that the natural based disinfectant was the main ingredient to the improvement. As one of the regular teachers commented; “our students are just not getting sick anymore”.

So how can you help … introduce me to a parent / teacher or principle that would be interested in hearing the details on how they can help improve their student attendance by being healthier.