Dog gets sick in car. How do you get rid of the smell ?

Paco’s News Flash … so your dog (or child) gets sick in the car. Do you know how to remove the  smell?

Riding in a car in the summer with your family is truly hard. In the last 2+ weeks Paco has witnessed and been a part of the calamity.  All sorts of things bring about car sickness … as Raji, Paco’s four legged friend from East Central Wisconsin reports … it’s the heat, the trips that last longer than the usual around town .. and in some cases those lil people called kids … they want to hang all over you and there is no place to run …

So what do you do … wash the soiled area with a good “natural based” cleaner. Then call Paco for the best deodorizer there is on the market … and when you are done, your car will smell clean & be safe for your pets, your children and you!