1st Grade Classroom Goes Green


Mrs. C. teaches 1st grade at an elementary school in East Central Wisconsin. A few years ago, she converted her classroom over to green cleaning products. The results were amazing. I have attempted to capture her story in her own words as much as possible.

Mrs C.   ….

“I started the conversion process strictly for personal reasons. I frequently have migraines and the smell in the classroom would often seem to be a trigger. On many occasions, I would have nasal drip and feel like I had a cold after being in my class room for awhile. In addition, my kids would tell me that they had a headache and were feeling nauseated, or that the room just seemed to smell bad. One fall when school started, I banned the janitorial staff from using any of the normal cleaning products that were being used in the school and brought in my own green, non- toxic cleaning products. It should also be known that the school I teach in is considered a poverty school, which means that over 50% of the families are considered living in poverty. On any given day, we had about 75% of the students on the free meal program. It was pretty typical that each teacher would have 6 to 7 kids in a classroom missing in any given week.”

“I brought from home three products, a product called Sol U Mel (A multipurpose cleaner known for it’s deodorizing and cleaning power), Sol U Guard Botanical (a natural disinfectant)  and Renew hand wash (A moisturizing hand-wash that was not antibacterial). I used the Sol U Mel for cleaning any and all surfaces as well as the class room sink. We sprayed the natural based disinfectant, Sol U Guard Botanical, on any and all surfaces that were touched by the kid’s hands or mouth. This included door and sink handles, the pencil sharpener, the water fountain, the computer board and headphones, as well as the whisper phones. Last but not least, each time a child left the classroom they washed their hands with the Renew hand wash upon reentering.”

“By Christmas time the results were amazing. I had a zero truancy rate, which is when a child misses 3 days in a row, ¾’s of the students had not missed a single day and on most days or weeks I might have had only one child missing from school (the norm was 5 to 6 students absent each week). Also, I had not had a single migraine while at school. It was around this time that the school administration had also noticed the difference in my classroom attendance. The results continued through out the year, making for my last year teaching at this school a wonderful experience.”

Not only did these natural based green products improve the health of the entire class, they also were beneficial to the table top surfaces. It was common practice to use chlorine wipes to continuously clean the table tops in the classroom. Due to the harshness of the wipes, the laminate on the tables needed to be refinished each year.  At the end of this year however, Mrs. C’s table tops were as good as new and could be used for another year.

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