Has your dog been sick ???

I have never experienced this issue until just recently. Paco had serious bowel issues, unsettled stomach, fever and would not eat. Today he is OK but it took 5 days from start to finish. Has anyone else had this happen recently? If you did, what did you do?

About 2 weeks ago a friend stopped by with their small dog. While we talked about life’s issues our dogs had a play date, as they have been friends for quite some time. While at our house we noticed that our friends dog was having issues … limited energy, her body felt hot to the touch and … she had an accident, which just never happens. We took care of the situation and did not think anything about it … life happens you know!

About 3 days later Paco came down with the same issues … his body felt really hot, he would only drink water, would not eat any food, if he did he would throw-up … and then there were the serious bowel issues. After 2+ days of this and considerable  discussion with an individual with a great deal of pet experience we gave Paco cooked brown rice to eat along with Pepto Bismol. The rice helped with the  loose stools and the Pepto Bismol coated his stomach and appeared to settle things down.

We saw almost immediate relief. The bowel issues were dramatically reduced, the throwing up issues completely disappeared and perhaps most importantly his body was cool to the touch.

In human language and after 5 days Paco’s back to his normal self.

Let me know  if you have had this or a similiar experience along with what remedies did you pursue.

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