My dog licks my child’s face.. Should I be worried?

So what do you think …

Your child and dog play together all the time  … but  every time you look around it seems that either your child is kissing your dog or your dog is “cleaning” your child’s face. You become worried …

You gently raise your voice and tell them to stop, they get the message and run away in different directions. You go back to your activity … the house becomes quite, you turn around and their they are again … the dogs is cleaning your child’s face ….


The Dr. Said … When your baby is very young, I’d recommend not allowing the family dog or cat to lick your baby’s face. This could transmit infectious material into the baby’s mouth or eyes. As your baby grows older, his / her immune system will get much stronger and they can play with and even be licked by your pet without any consequences.

So relax Mom / Dad, just be careful when the baby is young … once they can easily crawl away they are probably getting big enough to lower the worry and let them be the lil animals that they are …

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