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Every day someone tells me they don’t believe in washing fruits and vegetables.

Their top 3 reasons:

1. None of that stuff works..it’s just a waste of money.

2. That stuff just puts more chemicals on my produce.

3. I wash mine with water.

Sadly, water will simply not remove paraffin, pesticides or chemicals from your produce. Earth’’s Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash was scientifically developed to clean product and help it taste better…the way Mother Nature made it. It will quickly and easily cut paraffin from apples, cucumbers and green beans, dislodge dirt from celery, carrots and radishes, dissolve pesticides and chemicals present on produce and remove the crinkle and put the plump back in your slightly aged produce.

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Green Gene – Education

I truly enjoy talking with parents of kids about chemicals in their food. In particular my “How to wash fruits and vegetables” is not only informative but entertaining as well. I do demos in grocery stores as well as groups such as MOPS groups.

If you are interested in having a presentation or fun filled demo at your business or social group email me at Gene@LifesPureBalance.com


Business and Household Cleaning Products

The largest selection of SAFE, NON-TOXIC cleaning products are at your fingertips.  In surveying all of the major grocery store chains &/or websites that sell cleaning products it is safe to make this statement. Almost all products have a EWG.org rating that tells you more details on their makeup if you are interested in knowing.

Shop now .. this is about the health of your friends, family and co-workers.

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Only safe, effective natural products here!